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Frequently Asked Questions

Move-In Dates & Early Arrivals

When can I move into my residence hall room?
Students may begin moving in at 7:30 a.m. on Friday August 22, 2014 and 8:30am on August 23-24, 2014. Most first-year students move in on August 22, 2014 and upperclass students move in on August 23-24, 2014. There are exceptions for atheletes and students participating in Quest, RU Brave, and other programs.

I am an athlete arriving early for training. When can I move in?
Your coach will be provide you with your move-in information.

How do I request to come earlier than my scheduled move-in date?
Students must arrive according to the move-in schedule posted. Early arrival requests should be sent to res-life@radford.edu. Exceptions are rarely granted and are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Is it better to move in during the morning or the afternoon?
Move-in days are typically busy throughout the day so it's hard to estimate when "down times" will occur. You should plan on having a busy day regardless of when you arrive.

I am living in Muse Hall. Is there a scheduled time for each floor to arrive?
Yes. Floors are given arrival times so that move-in can flow as smoothly as possible. You can find it on our Moving In webpage.

Arriving on campus and parking

When is the earliest that I can arrive to move in?
Students can begin moving in at 8:30 a.m. on their designated move-in day. Muse Hall residents have a more specific schedule. You can view it on our Moving In webpage.

Where should I park for move-in? How long can I park there?
A campus parking map is available to assist you. Buildings have assigned lots so please review the map before arriving to campus. Vehicles should be pulled into the assigned lot, unpacked, and moved to the permanent lot.

Why do I have to move my car after unpacking?
Space is limited in our unloading lots so we ask that vehicles be moved after being unpacked so another resident can unload his or her vehicle.

What should I do if I have more than one vehicle?
You may bring all of your vehicles into the unloading lot but they all must be moved once they are unpacked.

Where should I park my car after I have unloaded it?
Please refer to the parking map.

What should I bring, what do I leave home?

Can I bring my own furniture?
Yes, but realize that space is limited so you should talk to your roommate first. Also, the university will not remove any furniture that comes with your room. So, you'll need to find space for it, too.

Can I bring a microwave?
In most cases, yes. Microwaves must be 700 watts or less and are allowed in all halls except Muse Hall. The university does allow students to have microfridges in all residence halls, including Muse Hall, as they are designed for residence hall use and are safe for older electrical systems.

Can I bring a refrigerator with me? What size should I bring?
Yes. Refrigerators should be 2 amps or less and not greater than 3 cubic ft. (e.g., don't bring a fridge that belongs in your kitchen at home). Each resident may have a refrigerator.

Can I bring a toaster oven or Foreman Grill?
No. Toasters, grills and hotplates are not allowed in the residence halls. Every hall has at least one full kitchen with a stove for residents to use for cooking.

Are pets allowed in the residence halls?
Only fish, aquatic turtles, and frogs that live underwater permanently are allowed in the residence halls.

I participate in shooting sports (hunting, skeet, etc.). Can I bring a firearm with me to campus?
Yes, but all firearms must be stored in the RU Police Dept. gun safe. They will NOT store ammunition, however. Ammunition and firearms are forbidden in the residence halls and on campus. So, you must make arrangements to store ammunition off-campus with a friend or at an off-site storage area. Contact the RU Police Dept. to make arrangements to have your firearm(s) stored. Space is limited and stored on a first-come, first-served basis. Contact the RU Police Dept. BEFORE coming to campus.

I am 21 years old. Can I have alcohol in my room?
No. RU's residence halls are dry. Residents cannot possess nor consume alcohol in the residence halls regardless of age. Alcohol containers used as decoration (sometimes called "trophy bottles") are also not allowed.

Am I allowed to decorate my walls with posters?
Yes, but fire code only allows 10% of walls to be covered with posters and other combustible or  flammable materials. Residents should consider other ways of decorating such as using shelving.

Room amenities and requests

What is the benefit of purchasing the carpet from the university vendor versus somewhere else?
The carpet provided through the website is from a trusted vendor who works with the university. It is quality carpet, fits appropriately in the rooms, and will be in the room when you arrive to minimize hassle on move in day!  In case you want to bring your own carpet, our rooms will accommodate up to 10'x15'.

What size sheets do I need to bring?
We recommend that everyone bring extra-long twin sheets (sometimes sold as "college size"). Our mattresses are longer than traditional twin mattresses so these tend to fit the best, especially if you have egg-crate or other padding on your bed. You can find long linens in many stores or you can order them through the university-sponsored College Linens Program. They offer over 40 color combinations of high quality linens and accessories. Plus, some of the proceeds are used to support the Residence Hall Association and programming in the residence halls.

How do I request a loft or to have my beds bunked?
Loft options vary by building.  In Floyd, Jefferson, Madison, Moffett, Muse, Norwood, Peery, Pocahontas, Stuart, Trinkle, Tyler and Washington, the university will provide and set up a loft for you if you request this on your online housing application prior to July 5. Bolling Hall and Draper Hall students can bring their own loft or purchase/rent one from a private vendor.  Ingles Hall does not allow lofts.  The university will bunk students’ beds in all buildings except Ingles Hall.  Learn more about lofts.

I am 6'3" tall, how do I request an extra-long mattress?
All of our residence halls are furnished with extra-long beds except Bolling and Draper Halls. Students over 6' 2" tall living in these buildings may request that an extra-long bed be placed in their room during the online application process, and we'll make sure have an extra-long mattress in your room when you arrive. Learn more about beds and mattresses.

How much furniture is provided in the room?
Rooms are furnished with two beds, two desks and chairs, a double dresser, and window blinds. A cable-ready television outlet, telephone jack and at least two ethernet computer hookups are also supplied. Our halls also have wireless network access. This page has detailed information about furniture in each room.

What are the dimensions of my room?
Room sizes vary but a 10'x15' carpet will fit into all of our residence hall rooms.

Does my room have air conditioning?
All residence halls except Muse, Draper, Bolling, and Pocahontas are air conditioned.

Can I bring an air conditioner from home?
No. Window and portable air units are not allowed in the residence halls. If your building is not air conditioned, we recommend you bring a fan to keep the air circulating.

Do the rooms have curtains? Can I bring my own?
Fire code forbids students from hanging curtains in their rooms. You can hang a valance if you wish (maximum 8" long). You can find more information about curtains and window decorations viewing our Personalizing Your Living Space page.

Can I bring my own furniture from home?
Yes, but realize that space is limited so you should talk to your roommate first. Also, the university will not remove any furniture that comes with your room. So, you'll need to find space for it, too.

Room assignments process

How are rooms assigned?
More details about the room assignments process.

What happens if I am assigned to a triple room?
More details about a tripled room.

Can I request a specific roommate? If so, how?
Yes, but submitting a request does not guarantee that it will be fulfilled. Students were able to request specific roommates at various times throughout the housing selection and admissions process.  Please note that roommate request must be MUTUAL in order to be accepted. Meaning, both parties have to request each other in order to be placed together. The deadline for Fall 2014 is on or before 5 p.m. on July 1st. Requests should be done using the on-line housing system.

Can I request specific suitemates? 

No, suitemates cannot be requested.

Can I live in an air conditioned building?

As noted above, placements are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Spaces in air conditioned buildings are limited so not all requests can be fulfilled.

How can I request to live in a theme community?
Some of our communities are based on academic majors or standing. Others need to requested at the beginning of the housing selection process. Students interested should complete and submit the

Themed Housing page of the appropriate on-line student application. The deadline for Fall 2014 is July 1st.

My residence hall assignment is not my first preference. Can I move into another building?
Room assignments are frozen through the first 2 weeks of the Fall semester. At this point, residents may request room changes. However, approvals are contingent upon availability and need. Please note that the room change freeze may last longer as de-tripling rooms are our first priority.


How are roommates assigned to each other?
Residents who choose not to request a roommate are assigned randomly. Additional details about roommates.

How do I know what items my roommate will bring to campus?
You should contact your roommate and ask. While email is nice, a phone conversation is much quicker and is typically more productive.

Should I contact my roommate before moving to RU?
Yes. We provide you with each other's contact information so you can get in touch before moving in. Remember, you'll be living with this person in a small space so you want to start off on the right foot.

Should I check out my roommate on Facebook, MySpace, etc.?
Social networking sites are a great way to interact with people but they don't tell the whole story about a person. Don't judge or make assumptions about your roommate based solely on their online persona. You should contact him or her directly.

I already know that my roommate and I won't get along. Can I move to another room?
How do you know for sure? Don't be so quick to judge your roommate. There is a freeze on switching rooms for the first two weeks of the semester so try to work it out. If you are both having issues once you've moved in talk to your RA. Your RA is the first step in resolving roommate conflicts.

Do I have to share a bathroom with someone other than my roommate?
Ingles, Madison, Moffett, Jefferson, Norwood, and Washington Halls have private bathrooms in each room. All other halls are suite-style, with two rooms sharing one bathroom.

My roommate says that (s)he is messy. I am neat. Will this work?
Living with someone requires open communication and compromise. If you are concerned, talk to your roommate when you both move in and establish mutual expectations for cleanliness. Your RA will help you with this process.

My roommate won't respond to my emails. What should I do?
Some people have limited email access during the summer or have junk mail filters which prevent them from responding or receiving your emails. Call them on the phone. If you still cannot get a hold of them, let us know and we can help.

How do I make sure that my roommate and I will get along?
Keep an open mind and communicate your concerns if you have any. Your RA is a great resource if the two of you aren't getting along. It's important to remember that not all roommates become "best friends" but can have a great year living together.

Housing and Residential Life staff

When will I meet my Resident Assistant (RA)?
Resident Assistants will be handling the check-in process during move-in and will be walking around the halls to meet their residents throughout the day. Chances are you will meet them when you check in or as you are unpacking your room.

How many RAs will be on my floor?
The number of RAs on each floor will vary depending on the building. RAs typically are responsible for 30 - 50 residents.

How do I become an RA?
We begin our RA Selection process during the Spring semester. Keep your eyes open for advertisements or ask your RA for information.

If I am having an issue with my RA, with whom should I speak?
Each building is managed by a Resident Director to whom the RAs report. Resident Directors are graduate students who have residential life experience and who live in their halls. Concerns about an RA should referred to the Resident Director of your building.

What is a Resident Director (RD) and what do they do?
Resident Directors are graduate students at Radford University who are responsible for a residence hall on campus. RDs supervise the RAs, handle conduct cases and other administrative tasks. They are responsible for the overall well-being of their residential community.

What is an Area Director and what do they do?
There are four Area Directors in the department. They are full-time professionals with Master's degrees and significant residential life experience. They are each responsible for a residential quad on campus and supervise the RDs and RAs, handle conduct cases, and other administrative tasks.

I have a question about my assignment. To whom do I speak?
Call or email us at the central office and we can help you out. Our email address is res-life@radford.edu, our phone number is 540-831-5375.