1. What size are the beds?

All residence halls have extra-long mattresses (36” x 80”).

2. What size sheets are recommended?

Bringing sheets that are extra long is the best idea, regardless of the bed length. Many students bring egg crate foam mattress pads and mattress covers to make their beds more comfortable. Extra long sheets can accommodate the extra thickness of these items with the slick surface of the mattress.

3. Where can I find extra long bedding?

Many department stores sell extra long (sometimes called college size) linens that will fit our mattresses.

The Residence Hall Association has found a convenient, affordable way to ensure you can find extra long bedding. The Residence Hall Linens program has all your campus living needs, from extra long twin sheets and comforters to matching towels and storage items. Free shipping is available on all Value Pak orders, and there are more than 40 color combinations to choose from. Proceeds from this program go to the RHA and are used for programming in the residence halls at Radford.

4. Can I bring my own mattress from home?

You can bring a twin-size mattress if you would like. Some students use the university mattress like a box spring and add a mattress on top. The Radford University mattress must stay in the room.