Residence Hall Policies

Where applicable, policies are in effect for all students, those who live in campus housing, as well as those who live off campus. Alleged violations of the residence hall policies will be adjudicated as outlined in the conduct procedures of the Standards of Student Conduct.

The following is a list of prohibited conduct:

RH 1. Active Sports
Participating in active sports in areas that are not designated for that purpose.
RH 2. Appliance Amperage
Having a refrigerator or other electrical devices that draw more than two amps. Having a microwave in permitted halls that is rated as more than 700 watts.
RH 3. Appliances
Possessing items used to cook food or to heat a room. Possessing items with exposed heated coils/elements or halogen bulbs. Possessing microwaves in non-designated residence halls.
RH 4. Bed Guidelines
Not complying with guidelines for loft and non-university beds, as established by the Office of Housing and Residential Life.
RH 5. Bed Requirements
Possessing waterbeds or beds larger than twin-size.
RH 6. Cords
Placing electrical cords under an item other than a rubberized cord protector.
RH 7. Display of Alcohol and Other Drugs
Possessing alcohol containers in residence halls. Displaying alcohol or drug signs or other related drug memorabilia so they are visible from outside university-operated housing.
RH 8. Entering/Exiting Buildings
Entering or exiting buildings in any way other than through an authorized doorway.
RH 9. Exterior Door Usage
Propping or attempting to force open exterior building doors once locked. Entering a side door once it has been locked unless authorized by an appropriate Residential Life staff member.
RH 10. Guest Escort Policy

Having a guest unescorted by his/her hosts after open visitation hours have ended. Not having a specific host immediately present in the building. Open visitation hours are Sunday - Thursday 8 a.m. - midnight and Friday - Saturday 10 a.m. - 2 a.m.
RH 11. Guest Visitation
Hosting an unregistered guest or a guest not carrying his/her registration form after open visitation hours have ended. Hosting a guest without permission from the resident’s roommate(s) prior to guest’s arrival. Guests may stay no more than two consecutive nights and no more than three guests are allowed per room unless otherwise permitted by the Resident Director.
RH 12. Incense
Possession and/or use of incense within university-operated housing.
RH 13. Items Hanging From Ceiling
Attaching items to the ceiling of the room or hanging items in such a way as to cover the ceiling.
RH 14. Key responsibility
Loaning or giving a key or student ID card to another person or using a key or student ID to
admit an unescorted, non-resident of a hall.
RH 15. Odors
Having odors that originate from inside a student room that are detectable outside the room.
RH 16. Paths of Egress/Entrance
Obstructing the safe and efficient egress or entrance in rooms in any way, including the narrow
corridor and windows.
RH 17. Quiet Hours
Not adhering to minimum mandatory quiet hours in and around residence halls. Quiet hours are
Sunday evening - Friday morning, 8 p.m. - 9 a.m., and Friday evening – Sunday morning,
midnight - 9 a.m.
RH 18. Quiet Hours at Other Mandated Times
Not adhering to quiet hours in areas and at times designated by the Office of Housing and
Residential Life.
RH 19. Quiet Hours for Courtesy
Not adhering to a courteous level of sound at any time.
RH 20. Removal of University Property
Removing university property from its Residential Life designated location except with prior
approval by the Resident Director.
RH 21. Room Assignment
Living in or occupying any residence hall room or university-operated apartment space other
than one’s assigned location.
RH 22. Room Condition
Keeping student rooms and bathrooms in unclean and/or unacceptable condition, including when preparing for university breaks. Not having a room in a condition that is ready to accept a roommate when a vacancy exists in a room or university-operated apartment.
RH 23. Room Entry
Entering another student’s room without the invitation of the room resident at the time of entry.
RH 24. Room Responsibility
Behaviors which are in violation of the Standards of Student Conduct that occur in a student room or common area.
RH 25. Room/Suite Capacities
Having more than 10 people present per residence hall room and/or 20 people present per residence hall suite. Having more than 10 guests present in a university-operated apartment.
RH 26. Safety Regulations
Not complying with school, state, national, etc. safety regulations as communicated by the Office of Housing and Residential Life or other university departments.
RH 27. Sundecks
Entering or utilizing roof areas outside designated sundeck areas or usage times. Leaning or sitting on retaining walls.
RH 28. Unattended Appliances
Not constantly attending or not turning off appliances.
RH 29. Wall Coverage
Placing items capable of burning (such as, but not limited to: paper, posters, pictures, tapestries, wreaths, etc.) on more than 10 percent of walls within student rooms. Placing items capable of burning on student room doors or other areas as restricted by state fire code. One dry-erase board, not more than 12 inches x 16 inches in size, is permitted on each student door that leads to the main hallway.
RH 30. Window Screens
Removing a screen from its window casing.
RH 31. Window Treatments
Having a curtain or an item that functions as a curtain that does not have a manufacturer’s label stating that it is flame-retardant. Having a valance or item that functions as a valance that is longer than eight inches.
RH32.  Alcohol
Possession of alcohol in any residence regardless of age.  Alcoholic beverages are only permitted in university operated apartments whose assigned resident(s) are at least 21 years of age.  Possession of common containers (i.e. kegs) are prohibited on University property including University operated apartments.

RH33. On-Campus Boarding Policy (Housing Policy)

Current Students (First admitted prior to Fall 2017) - All students are required to live on campus at Radford University for at least four consecutive full semesters.

Students entering Fall 2017 - All first time, first semester students under the age of 21 are required to live on campus at Radford University for at least four consecutive full semesters.

Exemptions to this policy may be granted if the student:

1.    Lives with relatives or legal guardians who are age 21 or over and are permanent residents within commuting distance of the University (1 hr. drive time or 60 miles).

2.    Is currently or previously married.

3.    Has served at least one year active duty in military forces.

4.    Has a disability that Radford University is unable to accommodate.  (See statement on requesting accommodations through DRO in the terms of the Residential Student Agreement).

5.    Has attended and successfully completed the off-campus living educational session, when offered.  This educational session is not offered to students until their second semester of residency and does not supersede existing housing agreements.

6.    Has received permission from the Director of Housing & Residential Life or appropriate designee.          

RH 34. Fire Hazards
Possession and/or use of candles, lanterns, oil lamps, burners, dried vegetation (one dried bouquet of flowers is permitted per room), and other devices or materials which may create a fire hazard if used without authorization or in unauthorized areas.

RH 35. Fire Safety Equipment
Not checking and/or verifying that smoke detectors are fully functioning, in accordance with state regulations and university policies

RH 36. Objects Dropped or Thrown
Causing an object to fall from buildings or other elevated areas.

RH 37. Power Strips
Possessing multiple-outlet connections unless they are a “temporary” power strip with a built-in circuit breaker that is clearly marked, carry an Underwriter’s Laboratory (U.L.) approval, have a maximum load of 15 amps, and are plugged directly into a wall electrical outlet. Possessing an extension cord or configuring cords to function as extension cords.

RH 38. Smoking
Smoking is prohibited in University buildings, designated non-smoking areas on campus or at entrances or locations where smoke can enter University operated housing. Smoking is to include any type of lighted or heated tobacco product as well as smoking substances that are not tobacco. This includes hookahs, vaporizers, and electronic smoking devices or instruments.