Room Assignments Process

1. How are room assignments made?

Room assignments for new students entering in the fall are made according to the date the deposit to the University is received. Students indicating interest in Living Learning Communities (see #2 below) may not necessarily be assigned according to deposit date. Some students make their deposit to the University as early as January. Most students enjoy and thrive in their residence halls no matter where they live on campus.

2. How do I apply for Priority Placement into one of the Living Learning Communities?

Living Learning Communities offer you the opportunity to live with other students with similar interests. These residence halls have specific majors and/or participation in academic programs. The Office of Housing and Residential Life does not select the students who are eligible and accepted to live in the Living Learning Communities. Information about the application process and Living Learning Community team leader contact information may be found at High Impact Practices through the Learning Communities link. Selection is competitve and requires meeting academic requirements where applicable. Interested students should complete the Living Learning Community page of their housing applications. Space is limited so you are encouraged to apply soon.

3. Where are the residence hall quads located?

Muse Quad contains five residential communities within the same building, making it the most popular location for new students.  Main Quad includes Jefferson, Madison, Norwood, Tyler, and Washington Halls.  Moffett Quad includes Bolling, Draper, Ingles, Pocahontas, and Moffett Halls.  Governor’s Quad includes Floyd, Peery, Stuart, and Trinkle Halls. See a map of campus.

4. I would like to request a roommate. How do I do this?

To request a specific person as a roommate, you will both need to put your requested roommates nine digit Student ID number on the online application where specified. All requests must be mutual, and received in the Office of Residential Life by 5 p.m. on July 1, 2016 for consideration. When requests are mutual and submitted by 5 p.m. on July 1, 2016 you will be placed with your requested roommate.

5. My prospective roommate and I have different dates for our deposits to the university, how does the room assignment process occur?

All housing assignments are done with regard to when the University receives student’s deposits and completed applications.  For roommates the person with the later date of deposit will be used to determine your order in the housing assignments process.  We believe that students consider who their roommates are as being more important than the locations of their rooms.  In some cases, this means that the later date of deposit will result in a person not getting a first choice, such as a Living Living Community.  Therefore, if your building placement is more important than your indicated roommate you will need to indicate this on your online application under the living learning community section on or before 5 p.m. July 1, 2016.  Unless you indicate otherwise, we will operate on the understanding that your roommate preference takes priority over your indicated housing preferences.  

6. When is the last day to change my application information?

All changes to your housing preferences must be made online on or before 5 p.m. July 1, 2016.

7. If all the halls are smoke-free, why do you ask my smoking preferences?

All residence halls are smoke-free living environments, and smoking must be done at least 25 feet from the residence halls.  We ask students to confidentially tell us their smoking habits due to the high number of people who dislike or are allergic to the smoke which clings to clothing after smoking.  Your honesty will help us make better placements. 

8. When will I know my hall and room placement for the fall?

You will be notified by email the first week of August of your room assignment, phone number, post office box number.  At that time, you will also receive the name and contact information of your future roommate. Your placement email will be sent to your RU email account, so please be sure to check it!