Roommate Information

1. I do not have a roommate request. How will a roommate be selected for me?

Most students do not have a specific roommate preference when they come to Radford University.  If you do not preference a specific person, a person will be placed randomly with you based on some of your answers to the Roommate Matching Questionnaire located on the online housing application. 

2. I would like to request a roommate. How do I do this?

Students may indicate their requested roommate on the Requested Roommate page of the online housing application.  Please use the numeric nine digit student identification number of your requested roommate in the indicated area.  New students may edit this information after they have submitted their application until 5 p.m. on July 1, 2016.  Requests must be mutual from both students and submitted by the required deadline for consideration. 

3. I know someone from my high school who is going to RU this fall. Is it a good idea for us to select each other as roommates?

The answer to this question depends on the set of roommates. Many times, people choose someone who is familiar, but not really known well, because it provides a sense of security. If you are considering selecting a roommate, please make sure you ask questions in depth about his or her personal habits. These are the most important factors for roommate success. For example, two people may describe themselves as “morning people.” However, a person who wakes at 6 a.m. daily has a different perspective than the person who considers 10 a.m. early.

4. My best friend from high school and I want to be roommates. Does that seem like a good idea?

Certainly, choosing a friend as a roommate can be a comfort when you are moving to a new situation. Radford University offers you the opportunity to meet people and make friends with people from around the world. When you are in college, you will see that people can change in ways you never anticipate. Friends often learn they have similar interests but they do not live well together because of differing study, cleanliness, or social habits. Students living in different halls provide a place to go when you need some time away from your room and can help your friendship.

5. If my roommate and I have different dates for our housing deposit, how does the room assignment process happen?

All housing assignments are done with regard to dates of housing deposit. For roommates, the person with the later date of deposit will be used to determine your order in the housing assignments. We believe that students who have requested specific roommates are more concerned with who they live with than the location of their room. In some cases, this means that the later date of deposit will mean that a person will not get a first choice, such as a Living Learning Community, that they would have gotten on their own. Therefore, students interested in living in a Living Learning Community should indicate if the Living Learning Community is more important than their requested roommate in the Living Learning Community interest page of the online housing application. 

6. If my roommate and I do not get along, can we switch rooms?

It is possible to change rooms on campus, with certain limitations. In order to complete all our administrative processes, we are not able to accept housing preferences after 5 p.m. on July 1, 2016.  Room changes may not occur until after the first two weeks of school. From July 1, 2016 until the end of the second week of classes, we are in an intensive process of verifying and sharing data. Therefore, we are unable to make any changes until the end of the second week of classes. At that time, our priority is to move students out of tripled rooms. We encourage students to work together to make the most of their living arrangements. Room changes are possible, but they are dependent on available space and timing considerations.

7. If I do not have a mutual roommate request, will I be placed with another new student?

In most cases, we do pair new students together. However, space considerations can mean that some new students are placed with returning students. Our goal is to place people together with similar class ranking (such as a new student with a sophomore). No matter their placements, new students will live in a building with other new students who are going through similar transitions.

8. How do I search for and contact a possible roommate?

Students may answer the questions on the Roommate Matching Questionnaire.  After you have completed and submitted your online application you should see this link, “Find a Roommate”.  You may answer one to three questions and enter search.  This search should bring up the first names and answers of possible roommate matches.  You may email the student and get responses back in the “My Messages” area of the application page.