Student ID Cards

Radford University requires that all students have their ID cards on them at all times while on university property. There is a $15 replacement fee for lost cards.

In order to receive an RU Express card, you must be a currently registered student of Radford University.

The RU Express/ID Card is vital for all Radford University students and carries certain privileges and has various uses both on and off campus.

Uses for the RU Express card

  • Official identification as a Radford University student
  • Library card
  • Residence hall access
  • Meal plan access
  • Computer lab access
  • Admittance to some campus and athletic events
  • Fitness center admittance
  • Free rides on the RU Transit
  • Merchants outside of campus who accept it

Tips for caring for the RU Express card

  • Keep your RU Express in a secure location
  • Do not loan your RU Express to friends
  • Do not scratch the magnetic strip on the back of the card
  • Do not punch holes in or bend the card