Student Meal Plan Options

Dining Services at Radford University offers a variety of meal plans, providing you with the freedom to select the plan that best meets your eating preferences.  

Unused balances for meal plans do not carry over to the following semester. If the account balance reaches zero before the end of the semester, the meal plan will no longer work until additional Food or Flex Dollars are purchased.

On-campus meal plans (residents)

All students living in residence halls must choose one of the following meal plans. Learn more about on-campus meal plans.

2016-2017 rates

  • RU Flex Plan ($1,932.50 per semester)
  • 19 Plus Plan ($1,992.00  per semester)
  • 15 Plus Plan ($1,938.50 per semester)


Off-campus meal plans (commuters)

Off campus (commuter) students are not required to purchase a meal plan, but may choose to purchase a meal plan.  In addition to being able to purchase any of the meal plans available for on campus students, the following options are also available to commuter students. Learn more about off-campus meal plans.

2016-2017 RATES

  • RU Flex Plan ($1,932.50 per semester)
  • 19 Plus Plan ($1,992.00 per semester)
  • 15 Plus Plan ($1,938.50 per semester)
  • Flex Junior ($976.50 per semester)
  • Block 90 ($674.00 per semester)
  • Block 65 ($487.00 per semster)


Flex and Flex Junior meal plans 2016-2017 - A brief description

With the RU Flex plans, the purchases made by students using their Flex Dollars are at prices 50% below Dining Services retail prices.

In all retail locations (locations other than Muse or Dalton) students pay 50 percent of the listed retail price when using their Flex Dollars. Students begin the semester with:

  •  $594 Flex Dollars (RU Flex Plan) and $30 in Flex Vending Dollars
  •  $341 Flex Dollars (Flex Junior)

The 2016-2017 rates for Dalton and Muse are as shown in the following table. 
(Prices shown do not include sales or meals tax)

Meal Cash Door Rate Flex Rate
Breakfast (Dalton only) $6.61 $2.00
Lunch/Brunch $9.93 $3.28
Dalton Dinner $11.79 $3.92
New River Grille House (Muse Dinner) $19.60 $9.82