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Become a Community Partner

The Office of Community Engagement seeks to strengthen Radford University’s relationships with non-profit organizations and governmental agencies.  Community partners can experience a variety of benefits when working with Radford University students, faculty and staff, including:

  • Diversifying and increasing its volunteer pool
  • Educating college students about community needs and social issues.
  • Promoting the organization to new audiences.
  • Access to university resources and professional development opportunities.

To support these relationships, we offer:

  • A database for volunteer and service opportunities
  • A contact for requesting assistance from a Radford University class or student
  • Access to student teams for significant research and work projects
  • Ability to connect to student groups for a short term philanthropic and volunteer needs  
  • Community Engagement staff members are available to assist your organization/agency in providing training, supervision and evaluation of students.

As a partner with Radford University, your organization plays an important role in preparing a new generation of active citizens and leaders. We see our community partners as co-educators with us, offering students exposure to the real issues affecting communities and society.

To do this, we encourage you to both support and challenge our students. Help them understand the underlying needs facing the work of your organization. Work with them to structure the service experience to both meet your needs and help them learn and grow to the extent possible.