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Service Project Request Form

The form below is intended to establish service-learning partnerships between Radford University and organizations serving the region.  With information on your service project needs, the Office of Community Engagement will seek faculty involved in related courses or research that may be able to work with your organization. Our goal is to help the community of Radford and the surrounding region engage the full range of academic resources and student/faculty potential of Radford University. As you are thinking about projects, consider the following:

  • Projects that include a learning and growth opportunity for the students are preferable.
  • Though we will try to accommodate as many requests as we can, it may not be possible for us to find courses, interns, or volunteers for every project, so please help us prioritize your requests if you are submitting multiple project proposals.

In completing your proposal, please consider several types of service-learning that is available:

Short-term service

These usually involve several students for ½ day to a full day, and typically requires limited knowledge and skills. Students are familiarized with the community, and develop or sustain a disposition toward service. 

Discipline specific service-learning projects

These projects, usually over the course of a semester, typically require knowledge and skills developed through a particular major or discipline, and are intended to help students deepen their understanding of course content.

Community-based research

A partnership approach to research that equitably involves, for example, community members, organizational representatives, and researchers in all aspects of the research process; enables all partners to contribute their expertise, with shared responsibility and ownership; enhances understanding of a given issue/problem; and integrates the knowledge gained with interventions to improve the health and well-being of community.

Note: Please complete a seperate form for each project request.


Please tell us what is the best way (email, phone, etc.) and time to contact you the space below.

Which is your organization type? (Nonprofit organization, voluntary organization, social service agency, municipal agency, or other - please specify in the space below.

How many staff do you have?

Describe the suggested service/research project in the space below.

If possible, describe any evidence in support of the need for this project/activity.

If possible, identify or describe which type of student team or internship is most appropriate – discipline specific team, internship, community-based research, etc.

Please specify types of knowledge, skills or experience required of students for your project.

Is there an academic department, program, faculty member, or course that you think might best support this project?

What do you see as specific deliverables or final products you would like at the conclusion of the project?

Is there a date or deadline for this project? If so, please provide a brief explanation.

Other comments for consideration of your application