About the Program

The Radford University Scholar-Citizen Initiative offers students from all majors the opportunity to apply academic skills and disciplinary knowledge to challenges facing our local, national and global communities. The diversity of experiences students can immerse themselves in as Scholar-Citizens provides them with career skills -  like problem-solving, adaptability and interpersonal communication — that are useful in every work environment. 

Prepare Yourself for Success 

The Radford University Scholar-Citizen Initiative prepares students to: 

  • analyze different viewpoints and apply ethical reasoning to contemporary issues. 
  • make connections between academic knowledge and civic life.
  • evaluate problems in the context of contemporary local, national or global issues. 

Boost Your Resumé 

In addition to the gratification of working for causes and issues they care about, students prepare themselves for their careers by: 

  • developing an e-portfolio of work to share with future employers.
  • forming a close network of faculty mentors and peers who have similar research interests or who believe in related causes.
  • graduating with distinction (SCI shows up on official transcripts). 

Campus Support 

Some of the benefits students enjoy as members of the SCI community include: 

  • better access to sought-after classes.
  • a built-in community for transfer students. 

The Scholar-Citizen Experience 

There are multiple ways to be a Scholar-Citizen at Radford University. From research expeditions in the Arctic Circle to volunteering and advocacy campaigns for local causes, Scholar-Citizens engage in a wide variety of initiatives. Common to all SCI experiences, though, is the fusion of academic learning with community involvement.

Recent accomplishments of Scholar-Citizens include the construction of a community kitchen in East Africa, breakthroughs in geophysics research in the Arctic Circle and environmental activism along the New River. For more examples of Scholar-Citizens putting their knowledge to work for the common good, check out our media gallery.