Advisory Council Directory

The Advisory Council has experts and current practitioners of engaged pedagogies from across divisions and academic units, and its cross-disciplinary nature enables the SCI Leadership--comprised of the Director and the Steering Committee--to get a variety of perspectives on issues related to the SCI while also allowing Council members to weigh in on the parts of the initiative for which their experience or expertise makes their point of view especially relevant.

Last Name First Name Title Office/Unit Email   Phone Term Began
Faculty  (T&R, FTNTT, and PT)
Axtell Guy Assoc Prof, Philosophy & Religious Studies; Core Coordinator, Critical Thinking
CHBS gsaxtell 5213 2012
Ayers Kevin   Assoc Prof, Health and Human Performance
CHHD ekayers 5712 2013
Baker Moira Professor, English; Director, Women's Studies
CHBS mpbaker 5352 2012
Brockway Jack Assoc Prof, Physics
CSAT brockway 5828 2012
Cubbison Laurie Professor, English; Director, Core Curriculum
CHBS lcubbiso 6421 2012
Dore Betty Professor, School of Teacher Education and Leadership   CEHD edore 5843 2012
Dunn Scott Assoc Prof, Communication
CHBS swdunn 5532 2013
Harrington Vernard Assoc Prof, Management COBE kvharring 5591 2013
Jacobsen Laura Assoc Prof, School of Teacher Education and Leadership; Associate Dean, Graduate College
CEHD ljacobsen 5470 2013
Juul Jennifer Assoc Prof, Theatre
CVPA jjuul 5207 2013
Kovarik Bill Professor, Communication   CHBS wkovarik 6033 2013
Lachowicz Thomas Instructor, Marketing COBE tlachowi 6038 2013
Lalone Mary Professor, Sociology CHBS mlalone 5397 2012
Martin Glen Professor,Philosophy & Religious Studies CHBS gmartin 5897 2012
McLaughlin Deborah Assoc Prof, Dance CVPA dmclaughl7 5286 2013
Minarik Darren Instructor, School of Teacher Education and Leadership   CEHD dminarik 7660 2013
Moore Sandra Director, School of Teacher Education and Leadership CEHD sjmoore 5302 2013
Napolitano Frank Assoc Prof, English   CHBS fnapolitano 5269 2012
Roth   Rick Professor and Chair, Geospatial Science CSAT rroth 5443 2013
Sheehy Bob Professor, Biology CSAT rsheehy 5655 2012
Talbot Patti Assoc Prof, School of Teacher Education and Leadership
CEHD ptalbot 7650 2013
Wagner Melinda Professor, Sociology   CHBS mwagner 5157 2012
Wagstaff Mark Professor, Recreation, Parks & Tourism
CEHD mwagstaff 7724 2013
Winter Trish Assoc Prof, Music CVPA pwinter3 5177 2013
Administrative and Professional Faculty
Claud Ashlee Director, Radio and Communication Services
DoIT aclaud 5017 2013
Dickens Teresa Asst Director, Career Counselor
Office of Career Services tdickens2 6087 2012
Horton   David PR & Marketing Specialist
CSAT   rhorton 6277 2012
King   Teresa Asst Director, International Education
Center for International Education tking54 6200 2012
Kolajo Ebenezer Assoc Vice Provost   Academic Assessment ekolajo 2469 2013
Leonard John Asst Director, Student Activities
Student Affairs
jcleonar 6379 2012
Lerch Steve Coordinator for Retention Academic Affairs slerch 6993 2012
Shanley Mark Vice President, Student Affairs Student Affairs mshanley 5433 2013
Townsend Crasha Director, Center for Diversity and Inclusion
Student Affairs
ctownsend 5765 2013
Trageser Susan Assoc. Dean of Students Student Affairs strageser 6259 2012
Twiest Jessica Asst Director, Student Activities; Programs and Leadership
Student Affairs
jtwiest 5771 2013
Whicker Jennifer Reference and Instructional Librarian   McConnell Library jrwhicker 7652 2012