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Criteria to Graduate as a Scholar-Citizen

The following requirements must be met to graduate with status as a Scholar-Citizen.

1. Meet and maintain the following minimum GPA benchmarks, which vary depending upon when you enter the program: 

  • Entering Freshmen – 2.00; Sophomore – 2.25; Junior – 2.50

2. Completion of two SCI Academic Learning Experiences (any SCI designated "for credit" experience)  with a B or higher. 

3. Completion of a minimum of 5 hours of SCI approved community service/engagement each academic semester enrolled in the SCI program.  

  • See our Upcoming Events page on the SCI website for a list of available programs. You may also apply to have other service or leadership  experiences count for SCI credit by using the online application system. 

4. Attendance in at least one (1) Scholar Citizen co-currricular event each semester enrolled in the program. See our Upcoming Events page on the SCI website for a list of available programs. 

5. Develop and maintain an SC ePortfolio. You will do this by: 

  • Attending an ePortfolio feedback session once a semester where you will receive feedback on your progress in the program and map out your plans for going forward.  Your progress toward successfully completing the following requirements will be documented on your ePortfolio and will be the subject of your conversations with a SCI mentor during the feedback sessions:   

6. Completion of a Final Capstone Reflection wherein you will review the learning artifacts and reflections recorded in your e-portfolio. Your final summative reflection will comment on your overall growth and development as a Scholar-Citizen and your achievement of each of the four Scholar-Citizen Learning Outcomes. 

  • You will have to defend your ePortfolio to a small group of SCI faculty and students before you can graduate with the Scholar-Citizen distinction. 
Before you can graduate with the Scholar-Citizen distinction, you must submit an application. This application must be completed by the beginning of the semester you wish to graduate. The application can be found here.