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Criteria to Graduate as a Scholar Citizen Fellow

Students who successfully complete the minimum academic and co-curricular requirements to graduate as “Scholar-Citizens” plus an additional set of higher intensity experiences will graduate as “Scholar-Citizen Fellows.”

Criteria for graduating as a Scholar-Citizen Fellow:

  1. Complete all requirements necessary to graduate as a Scholar-Citizen
  2. Facilitate one discussion associated with a Co-Curricular
  3. Mentor other students on the Scholar-Citizen track student
  4. Design and complete one Tier 3 SCF Intensive Capstone Experience in one of the following areas:
    •    Leadership (may intersect with LEAD Scholars project/program)
    •    Applied Research (may intersect with OURS or Honors)
    •    Public Service 

Each of these additional requirements must be documented on the student's ePortfolio and should be addressed in the final summative reflection.