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Constitution and Bylaws

Just like all student clubs and organizations, SGA has a constitution outlining its purpose and how our organization should operate. This includes information on elections and on responsibilities of individual positions.

2008-2009 SGA President Matt Williams developed a strategic plan for SGA’s future. RU has its 7-17 Strategic Plan, but according to the plan’s text, it “constitutes the beginning of our work rather than the end.” The students of this university must take a lead in developing RU’s future. Our plan includes:

  1. Sustainability
    1. Establish student recycling program
      1. Recycle mania
    2. Educate campus about sustainability
    3. Establish marquee program(s) that will be SGA driven/funded
      1. Solar program / Water program / Wind powered program
  2. School Spirit and Pride
    1. Greater involvement in Homecoming events/activities
      1. Highlander Olympics
    2. Support of RU athletics
      1. Dread the Red campaign
      2. Promotion of basketball games
    3. Development of SGA signature events that would boost overall RU pride
  3. Diversity
    1. Support University awareness and inclusion of all aspects of diversity
      1. A Taste for Diversity
      2. Martin Luther King, Jr. service
    2. Seek ways to continue to diversify the SGA
    3. Advocate increased diversity in University faculty and staff hiring practices and student recruitment
  4. Campus Outreach
    1. Raise overall awareness and profile of SGA among the various campus constituencies
    2. Promote collaborative programs and initiatives that align with University and SGA strategic plans
    3. Continue to raise the “student voice” throughout campus
      1. Active involvement and participation in all University Internal Governance committees
      2. Strengthen open forums as means of enhancing communication between student body and SGA
      3. Development of “President’s Council” as a means to bring representatives of various clubs and organizations together to strengthen lines of communication, advocacy and support between the groups.
  5. Global/Community Outreach
    1. Coordinate all community clean-up efforts across all student groups
    2. Development and coordination of campus wide community support/volunteer programs and initiatives
      1. Clean with the Dean
    3. Coordinate campus wide disaster relief programs as needed
    4. Raise awareness about global issues and crimes against humanity