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Executive Board

Vice President


Tiffany Goins

Hello Radford Students! My name is Tiffany A. Goins and I am a senior double majoring in Political Science and Sociology, and I am your Student Body Vice President for the 2014-2015 academic year.  Since my time at Radford University, I have been fortunate to obtain various leadership positions. When I became a member of the Student Government Association, I was immediately appointed a cabinet position as Community Service Coordinator for the fall of 2012 and spring of 2013.

During that year I served on the Internal Governance Diversity and Action Committee as one of two student-voting members.  This role allowed me the opportunity to be a voice for Radford University students, while also serving on the Club Programming Committee as a student-voting member to allocate funding request to student organizations. In the spring of 2013 I was elected Senator for the College of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences. The summer before my junior year, I served as one of 25 Quest Orientation Leaders, for successful implementation and completion of Radford’s orientation program for 2,000 first year students and transfer students. This past summer, I was selected to serve as a Parent Orientation Guide for the summer of 2014.

Being involved in these organization has allowed me an opportunity to develop and strengthen my leadership skills, enabling me to lead to my greatest achievement, in pioneering a Sexual Assault “Consent” Campaign in the Radford University Community. As Vice President of the SGA, I will continue my goal in enhancing campus safety for all students, staff, administrator, and community members. More importantly, I hope that I can make a difference and make a positive impact at RU. 



Chief of Staff


Madalyn Dunn

My name is Madalyn Dunn and I am a senior, majoring in marketing with a minor in communications, here at the beautiful Radford University. I am an extremely hardworking and dedicated student with a passion to leave a lasting impact on RU. Before I began my first semester, I participated in a week-long new student program called RU BRAVE. From the moment I stepped foot into that program, there was no stopping my continuous involvement. Since then, I have led the RU BRAVE program, served as a Peer Mentor for a program named “Students on the Road to Success,” and raised over $3000 through donations calling alumni and parents. The summer before my junior year, I was hired to be an Quest Assistant (orientation guide) and that started my journey in the office of New Student Programs. In the office of NSP, I have worked as a Quest Assistant, a Parent Orientation Guide, and was also able to co-teach during two semesters as a Peer Instructor for University 100 and University 150. On top of this, I serve as a College of Business and Economics Student Ambassador and just recently joined Beta Gamma Sigma, an honorary business fraternity. I work in Student Activities as an Operations Assistant and have had the joy of helping set up hundreds of on campus events. I have also held executive positions in the National Society of College Scholars and the Runners Club. Obviously, I love to be involved, but not because it builds my resume. I chose to be involved because I want to make a difference at RU and have a positive impact on others. Through all of the positions, I believe I have been able to do just that. As the Chief of Staff of the SGA, I plan to continue my goal, not as an individual Highlander, but as an organization that wants nothing but the best for the students. I will do all in my power to continue making a difference here at RU and promise to invest all my positive energy into this change. In the Spring of 2015, I will become a PROUD alumni, continue impacting others, and hopefully obtain a job that will allow me to travel.



Chief Activities Officer


Shadjah Hunt

Hey guys, my name is Shadjah Hunt everyone knows me as Shay.  I am your new Chief Activity Officer. This will be my sophomore year.  Other than the student government association I am the proud Event Chair of relay for life and I am apart of the  deliverance gospel choir.   I am also a peer instructor with the new student programs  and I work at the bonnie information desk.  Basically, you will see me all over campus working, going to class, or hanging with my friends. I am very friendly so if you have any questions or concerns please stop me and I will be more than happy to help you.   I will close with a quote. A wise man one told  me "To be Proactive instead of  reactive".  To me this means do not procrastinate your work because sooner or later you won't put your best foot forward. I live by this motto everyday because I feel this is the only way things will get done efficiently.




Chief Financial Officer


Wendy Viana