SGA Senate Julea

Name: Julea Ambrozaitis
Position: College of Education and Human Development Senator
Major: Elementary Education
Hometown: New Hartford, Connecticut
Why the reason is Radford: Radford initially was my first choice due to it’s great education program and the all opportunities to get involved on and off campus.  When I visited for the first time, the beautiful brick buildings, amazing scenery and the sense of community I felt the second I walked on campus, grabbed my attention immediately.  I can’t imagine myself at any other school and am beyond honored to have the privilege represent the College of Education and Human Development in SGA. 

SGA Senate Will

Name: William Bates
Position: College of Business & Economics Senator
Major: Double Major in Marketing & Management
Hometown: Fairfax, VA
Why the reason is Radford: The reason is Radford because of its beautiful campus and brand new Business & Economics building. Having small classes helps you have a relationship with your professor, which creates a better learning experience.

SGA Senate Chris

Name:  Christopher Stephen Carbone
Position: Senator for Military Service
Major: Criminal Justice
Hometown: Bealeton, VA
Why the reason is Radford: I want to help my fellow veterans as they transition over to civilian life and academia. I know what the culture shock is like, and I want to help make that transition as seamless as possible for those who have given so much.  

SGA Senate Danielle

Name: Danielle Edmonds
Position: Pre-Major Senator
Major: Pre-Major
Hometown: Bristow, VA
Why the reason is Radford: Ever since I stepped foot on this campus to visit my brother, I fell in love. The campus is beautiful and just the perfect size. I love the environment and it feels like home.

SGA Senate Jasmine

Name: Jasmine Erickson
Position: Senator for the College of Humanities & Behavioral Sciences
Major: Criminal Justice Major with a Minor in Political Science
Hometown: Richmond, VA
Why is the Reason Radford: I am a senior here at RU and feel that I can provide new ideas to CHBS and this organization as a whole. I have a very diverse background and I am able to be a voice for every student in my college.

SGA Senate Chai

Name: Chai Fuller    
Position: Off-Campus Senator
Major: Criminal Justice with a minor in Spanish
Hometown: Fairfax, VA
Why the reason is Radford: Radford is a place of welcome. A home that consists of integrated families that works together on a daily basis to make newer and better connection with the people around. Radford is a place where you can learn beyond the limitations of your mind.

SGA Senate Grant

Name: Grant Gurley
Position: Senior Class Senator, Speaker of the Senate
Major: Sports Administration
Hometown: Hampton, VA
Why the reason is Radford: The reason is Radford because of how diverse our student population is. It gives us so many opportunities every single day to improve our social skills and to make a huge step in today's society. Nothing is more impactful than that. 

SGA Senate Kenndal

Name: Kendall Mallory
Position: Freshman Senator
Major: Political Science
Hometown: Virginia Beach, Virginia
Why the reason is Radford: The reason is Radford because of the beautiful campus and the focused class sizes. This is a very unique school and it has a lot to offer to students.

Aaron SGA

Name: Aaron Sarmiento
Position: On-Campus Senator
Major: Nursing
Hometown: Centreville, VA
Why the reason is Radford: The reason is Radford because the campus is beautiful & I knew I was going to love this school.

SGA Senate Julianna

Name: Julianna Stanley
Position: At-Large Senator
Major: Mass communications with a concentration in public relations
Hometown: Williamsburg, VA
Why the reason is Radford: Radford is a small enough campus where you are able to get involved and thrive within the small classroom environment; with caring professors that want you to succeed. 

Alan SGA

Name: Alan V. Ward, Jr.
Position: At-Large Senator         
Major: Economics
Hometown: Statesville, North Carolina
Why the reason is Radford: Radford offers all students the opportunity to live in a dynamic atmosphere filled with people from all over the world, professionals instructing classes in each academic department, and opportunities to dive into your passion, no matter what it may be. Why is Radford the reason for me? I get to receive an education by the leading experts in economics, in addition to having plentiful opportunities to gain hands-on experience directed towards my career after graduation.