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Chief of Staff
Lauren English

Public Relations Director
Emily McBroom

Hello! My name is Emily McBroom and I am the Public Relations Director for the SGA.  I received my Associates of Arts and Sciences from New River Community College before I transferred to Radford University as a junior. Currently I am majoring in public relations. I joined the SGA for two reasons. The first was to gain group collaboration and work related experience I will need when I graduate. The second was that I wanted to be actively involved in the Radford experience and try to make things better for my classmates. My goal when I graduate is to give a voice for others that might not necessarily have the opportunity to speak for themselves. I hope to be working primarily in Non-profit organizations for poor workers in America.

Diversity Coordinator
Noella Kim

Hello, my name is Noella Kim and I am the SGA Diversity Coordinator. My major is Criminal Justice and I promote fairness and justice across all populations and cultures. Starting next spring, I will continue my studies in graduate school because I believe in the power of education in bettering our society. Through SGA, I have learned and experienced much and I wish to share what I have harvested with the rest of Radford University. Please feel free to approach me, contact me, or visit me in the SGA office (Mondays 3-4PM. Bonnie room 208) with any concerns or suggestions. 

Community Service Coordinator
Sarina Eames,

Hi, my name is Sarina Eames and I am a first semester Junior. I am majoring in Criminal Justice and minoring in Forensic Studies. After I graduate with my Bachelors degree, I want to go for my Masters in hopes of landing my dream job as a Crime Scene Investigator. The position I hold in SGA is Historian. Not only do I want to capture moments, but I want to capture memories as well in a creative way.

Legislative Action Coordinator
Colby Bender

Greetings; my name is Colby Bender and I am currently the Legislative Action Coordinator of the Student Government Association. I am a Sophomore Political Science Major and Criminal Justice Minor here at Radford University. A few high points in my tenure as LAC have been planning the annual successful trip to Richmond, Advocacy Day in addition to serving as the Vice President's deputy in aiding the Senate with any resources concerning their legislative efforts. I believe strongly in living in the present but also think it reckless not to look toward the future and that is exactly what I do in serving the students as a member of the Student Government Association. 

School Spirit Director
Jesus Martinez

Everyone in the student body brings with them a unique perspective that is battered like fried chicken together with the traditions set forth by the University. Collectively, these factors perpetuate the existence of school spirit. As the school spirit coordinator, an important responsibility is to support the cohesion. Let me cohese you. Jesus out.

Website Administrator
Carly Grubbs

Hola, I'm the Website Administrator for SGA! This is my junior year at RU. I'm a Communication major with a focus in Public Relations. I am also a member of PRSSA. Staying involved in events and organizations that reach out to the student body and community are important to me. Please feel free to send me an email. You can catch me in the SGA office on Wednesdays from 3 - 4 pm.

Assistant to the Vice President
Sammie Shifflett

Greek Life Representative
Jesse Lynch

Hello friends. My name is Jesse Lynch, but you can call me the Big Frisky and I’m the Greek Life Representative for Radford SGA. I’m a senior, majoring in political science, and I’m pretty sure I can run an eight minute mile but I haven’t tried in a long time. My job in SGA isn’t always easy but it is rewarding. I provide a voice and presence for fraternities and sororities in student government. I became involved with SGA because I love meetings and I had nothing to do on Monday since LOST went off the air.  After graduation, I plan to start an amateur boxing career and then become a doctor or something.
My office is always open to constituents who would like to speak with me, gentlemen can reach me by email, ladies can hit me up on Snapchat.

Communications Director
Collin Beckham

My name is Collin Beckham and I'm the Communications Director for Radford SGA. I'm currently a sophomore majoring in Management with a Minor in Deutsch. I enjoy long walks with the Sun at my back to the Bonnie and playing pickup Tennis. My position in SGA involves working with the PR Director to coordinate the publication of the SGA newsletter and bring awareness of what events Student Government has going on. I became involved with SGA because I wanted to make Radford University the best school it can be. After graduating Radford I plan on purchasing the Reading Railroad and with a kind word and some luck end up on the Boardwalk with a housing development by retirement.

I am always open to hear from my peers at: cbeckham2@radford.edu, around campus, or the SGA office!