March 12, 2012

Student Government Association
March 12, 2012

Call to Order - 5:07 p.m.

Roll Call

Approval of the Minutes

Gallery Addresses the Body

  1. President Kyle
    1. Joint Commission
    2. Will not have a budget as of July 1 of this year if one is not set (deals with how much money Radford will get; need for planning of a new building) tied up with legislature. We need a budget passed before the next meeting. This will have an overall effect on tuition.
    3. Buildings
      1. Fitness and Wellness in the works
      2. Looking to having buildings labeled
      3. Moffet will reopen in the summer
    4. Non-Greek Student meeting march 20 from 5-5:50 in room 210 of the Bonnie
  2. Will ask questions and listen to what you have to say to give a report good/bad/ugly/ of Greek life, to give recommendations of how the campus can change things

President’s Report - Emily Redd

  1. Will be absent for the next couple of days/weeks due to personal things
  2. Elections
  3. Applications due the 16th
  4. 8 a.m. can be anywhere from 45mins-2 hrs. Justin is offering rides
  5. New York Conference
    1. Good experience, not great conference. Looking into going to others.
  6. Leadership conference
    1. March 24 looking into making mandatory. And that evening is the banquet (need tickets).
  7. Goals as of February 27
  8. Transition
    1. Binders (in a vote of 11-12) will be made for each incoming member
  9. Sheet was passed around with the rest
  10. After next week’s meeting there will be a mandatory SGA dinner in the office
  11. DMV to Go
    1. Flyer was passed around

Executive Vice President Report - Brittni Hammond

Legislative Vice President’s Report - Justin Blankenship

  1. Need to fill out a doodle!

Vice President of Student Finance’s Report - Nicole Munsey

Chief of Staff’s Report - Randi-Lyn Randall

Senate Reports

  1. Senator Shifflett
    1. Substance Abuse Forum
    2. Still looking into a date; will probably be in Heth due to full booking in the Bonnie
  2. Senator Blumberg
    1. Student Appreciation Day
    2. Sheet was passed around for SAP; Wednesday 3/21/12

Cabinet and Staff Reports

  1. Coordinator Wampler
    1. Blood Drive
      1. April 19 part of the three-day drive; goal is 45 pints
    2. Relay for Life
      1. If you do not want to participate, send an email to exec. April 13. Statewide raffle tickets for 2 2012 cars. $5 a ticket, see Brittni

Old Business

New Business

  1. Suspend Robert’s Rules (Moved, Seconded, Approved)
  2. Move to approve up to $3,500 dollars for Radford gear (Approved)
  3. Reinstate Robert’s Rules (Moved, Seconded, Approved)


Adjournment - 6:25 p.m.