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October 17, 2011

Student Government Association
October 17, 2011

Call to Order – 5:06 p.m.

Roll Call

Approval of the Minutes – approved

Gallery addresses the Body

  1. Adrien DeLoach
    1. Proposal for Martin Luther King Day Tribute – Asked for $2000 to have Judge Mathis as a speaker and a “VIP” Dinner for the Martin Luther King Day Tribute event post-MLK Day. It was also asked that the SGA President speak at the event. – moved to New Business

President’s Report - Lee Hicks

  1. Working on the “State of the Campus Address” to report before the end of the semester. He proposed a tentative Thanksgiving Dinner among the SGA just to be festive and create bonding amond members. If anyone has any ideas for “mandatory fun events,” please begin planning those.

Executive Vice President’s Report - Emily Redd

  1. Ring Ceremony – went well and according to plan. Please help finish the leftover cake. Brittni Hammond’s father was the recipient of the Outstanding Parent Award.
  2. Parking Forum – an email will be sent out later with more information and a request of the best time to have committee meetings.

Legislative Vice President’s Report - Justin Blankenship

  1. Constitution Committee – those in the committee should read and become familiar with the entire constitution prior to the first meeting.
  2. “What do you want Wednesday” will officially begin this Wednesday. A sign-up sheet was passed around for members to choose time slots.

Vice President of Student Finance’s Report - Nicole Munsey

  • No report

Chief of Staff’s Report - Randi-Lyn Randall

  1. Budget is at $22,000. All members were added to SGA on D2L today. Committees have been posted, and discussions will be allowed on the program. There will be a quiz about Lee Hicks on there as well. Itec staff asked if we would like to have an internal Facebook page. A discussion will be posted on D2L concerning the matter.

Senate Reports

  1. Senator Testerman
    1. Senior Class Committee – will be formed soon. An email with more information will be sent out for those interested. The Ad-hoc committee meeting will be the Wednesday at 6pm in the SGA Office (bike racks and handicap access).
    2. On behalf of Coordinator McCage about School Spirit Event – survey to be conducted to gain student opinion about school spirit events in accompaniment with pizza. $100 is needed for pizza. – moved to New Business

Cabinet and Staff Reports

  1. Coordinator Hammond
    1. Pets for Pets.  Oct. 28th 1-3 p.m. is the Pets for Pets event. Drivers are needed to transport the dogs and help clean-up
    2. Oct. 26th at 5pm – we will be making bandanas, a banner, and t-shirts for the event
    3. Relay for Life?
  2. Coordinator McCoy
    1. Leadership Panel – forum this Wednesday, at 7 p.m., in Heth 014– there will be food, please attend
    2. VA 21 Tuition Petition – Online Petition – was passed around

Old Business

  1. Senator Blumberg
    1. Vote on Demonstration Areas/Student Expression Policy Changes/Additions – will remain in Old Business due to the postponement of the forum (Nov. 2 @6pm in the Bonnie Auditorium)
  2. Senator Proffitt’s Speaker on November 30th (drunk driving) $1000 – passed

New Business

  1. Martin Luther King Day Tribute: $2000 co-sponsorship – tabled until next week
  2. Coordinator McCage’s event $100 for 15 pizzas – Robert’s rules suspended due to time constraint – Roll Call vote – PASSED – Robert’s rules reinstated


  1. Advocacy Day Applications will be sent out tomorrow
  2. Radford University Soccer Team will be playing against Virginia Tech University for their last game on October 25th. If anyone has any ideas of how to get the word out to promote game attendance, please contact Coordinator Puerto.
  3. John Leonard – The SOAR Office is allowing members/committees to use their materials for committee purposes (di-cuts, posters, etc.)
  4. Roanoke Community Clean-Up ($100/person for housing, meals, etc.) will be discussed in more detail later on.
  5. The Off-Campus Committee is meeting Friday at 12:30 p.m. in the SGA Office.

Adjournment – 5:53 p.m.