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September 10, 2012

Student Government Association
September 10, 2012

Call to Order – 5:11 p.m.

Roll Call

Approval of the Minutes

Gallery Addresses the Body

  1. Sarah Gaunt
    1. Up til Dawn with St. Judes on October 25th from 6-12 in the Muse Banquet Hall.
  2. Pam Cotton
    1. Student Discount cards for Radford University given for free by SGA to the students. Give her a list of businesses and she would pay for the printing and costs for the cards. Needs to send the possible logos to Redd for approval. Getting the committees together to talk about the list of businesses and the artwork.

President's Report - Emily Redd

  1. Board of Visitors report:
    1. Spent the summer planning new initiatives
    2. WDYWW (starting next Wednesday)
    3. SGA Constitution being approved this year
    4. Executive and Full Retreats were successful
  2. Elections are being held from September 25-27
    1. Getting an iPad for elections and SAD
    2. New and old traditions
      1. Revamping the ring ceremony
      2. 100th commencement
      3. Student Discount Cards
      4. $5500 grant for smoking proposal
      5. Sustainability Fee for projects on campus
  3. Chief Activities Officer Wampler
  4. Finishing up Facebook cleaning
  5. Radford City is getting a zip line leading to Bissett Park

Legislative Vice President's Report - Justin Blankenship

  1. First Joint Commission meeting tomorrow (9/11) at 8 a.m.
  2. Election packets were due today
  3. Upcoming App for Radford SGA
  4. “Green Fee” is going well so far
    1. SMIPO money for Green technology
  5. Club Program Committee opening for Tuesdays at 2

Chief Financial Officer Koussis

  1. Training on Thursday (9/14)
  2. Members for SFC

Chief of Staff McCoy

  1. Cab/Staff meeting soon for discuss everything

Senate Reports

  1. Senator Lawrence
    1. Senior Class selling iPhone cases outside the Bonnie. Proceeds go towards senior shirts.
    2. Senior game night September 20, 6-8 p.m.
    3. Took vote on suspending Robert’s Rules for $99 proposal for snacks on Game Night.
  2. Senator Shifflett
    1. Met with Dean for college and they are starting a new search for her job. All the colleges of Waldron are coming together to plan upcoming events and such.
    2. Student Health Insurance legislation

Cabinet and Staff Reports

  1. Legislative Action Coordinator Hathaway
    1. First VA 21 conference on from September 15-16 in Richmond, Va.

Old Business

New Business


  1. Fill out member of the week sheet
  2. Last week’s MOW was Emily Redd
  3. Pictures and blurbs for the website

Adjournment- 6:07 p.m.

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