Proposal Writing

Start writing early by:

  • Create a file that highlights the credibility of you and the organization.
  • Begin your literature review.
  • Write about your research idea.

 Read and Re-Read the Funding Solicitation

  • Know exactly what the sponsor is looking to fund.
  • Find out the mission of the sponsor.
  • Tweak your research idea to the funding opportunity.
  • Prepare an outline of the main focus points needed for the solicitation.
  • If applicable, review agency guideline books.

 Things to consider when writing the proposal:

  • What are the goals and objectives of the project?
  • What is the agency’s mission?  How will the research be beneficial to the agency’s mission?
  • What is the research design?
  • Who will manage the project?
  • How will the project be managed?
  • Is there a well thought out timeline for the project?
  • Does the project have to plan for sustainability?  If so, how will the program be sustained?
  • How will this research be transformative?
  • How will the success of the project be evaluated?
  • Is the proposal in the proper format requested by the sponsor?  If not, the sponsor will reject the proposal.
  • Did the proposal address all of the criteria in the solicitation?

 Writing Tips

  • The first sentence should tell the reviewer exactly what you are researching.
  • Avoid ambiguity.
  • Be clear and concise.
  • Do not be overly ambitious; instead, have a small project that is well thought out. Reviewers will not fund projects that are too ambitious.
  • Give specific examples why the research is transformative.
  • Do not use jargon.
  • Show your credibility to perform the research.
  • Prepare a strong abstract.
  • Use good section headings.
  • Does your point stand out at the beginning of the paragraphs?
  • Are you providing enough detail for a reviewer to understand your research?
  • Does your budget match the project for the grant?