2014-2015 Virginia Educator Tuition and Fees

Full-time Tuition and Fees (12-18 hours)1


Semester Total

Year Total


   $  2,760

   $  5,520

Mandatory Technology Fee²

   $ 27

   $ 54

Mandatory Comprehensive Fee

   $  1,460

   $  2,920

     Total Virginia Educator

   $  4,247

   $  8,494

Part-time Tuition and Fees (1-11 credit hours per semester)1


Cost per credit hour



Mandatory Technology Fee²


Mandatory Comprehensive Fee


     Total Virginia Educator


1A student taking more than 18 credit hours per semester will be charged the additional hours at the credit hour rate for part-time students.

²Mandatory Technology Fee is charged at $3.00 per credit hour not to exceed $27.00

Other Fees (not included in previous amounts)

  Cost per course or hour
Science Lab Fee $35 per course
Bowling Fee $45 per course
Music Fee $250 per hour
Wilderness First Responder Fee $160 per course
Anatomy Fee (DPT program) $500 per course
General Clinical Fee (DPT program) $75 per course
Advance Practice Fee (DPT program) $140 per course