Radford University offers its students many opportunities and a variety of choices - one of which is the choice of becoming an active part in our campus community. To make that choice an exciting and fulfilling one, I assure you we are going to do whatever we can to tempt you with exciting diverse programs, friendly services and inviting facilities. Our focus is on you, the student. As advocates of your academic experience, our programs are designed to educate, enlighten, challenge, introduce and create the opportunities for Radford University to become an integral part of your education. I offer the following statement that has guided my approach in working with students since I began my Student Affairs career 28 years ago. It conveys this department's sincere approach to make Radford University, yours. I wish you the best in your educational experiences, both inside and outside the classroom.

Because the Student...
Because the student has a need, we have a job to do.
Because the student has a choice, we must be the preferred choice.
Because the student has feelings, we must be considerate.
Because the student has an immediate need, we must be timely.
Because the student is unique, we must be flexible.
Because the student has high expectations, we must excel.
Because the student has influence, our reputation is in their hands.
Because of the student, we exist.

Ken Bonk
Associate Vice President for Student Affairs/Student Activities