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Faculty and Staff of the College






Dean's Office
Dr. Kenneth M. Cox
Dean, Professor
831-7600 343 Waldron Hall kcox3@radford.edu
Dr. Corey Cassidy
Associate Dean and Associate Professor 831-7600 341 Waldron Hall cherd@radford.edu
Shirley Duncan Administrative Assistant to the Dean
831-7600 344 Waldron Hall sduncan@radford.edu
Advising Center
Loretta Estes Advising Coordinator and Assistant to the Dean 831-7698 351 Waldron Hall lcestes@radford.edu
Tabitha Hawley Greear Assistant Advising Coordinator 831-7699 351 Waldron Hall thawley@radford.edu
Communication Sciences and Disorders
Rebecca D. Epperly Clinical Director and Instructor 831-7640 122 Waldron Hall rdepperly@radford.edu
Freda B Johnson Fiscal Tech Sr./Office Manager
831-7723 132 Waldron Hall fjohnson@radford.edu
Elizabeth A. Lanter Assistant Professor 831-7273 120 Waldron Hall elanter@radford.edu
Dr. Raymond N. Linville Professor 831-7735 112 Waldron Hall rlinvill@radford.edu
Dr. Diane C. Millar
Department Chair and Associate Professor 831-7735 109 Waldron Hall dcmillar@radford.edu
Ms. Patricia Rossi Instructor 831-7734 114 Waldron Hall prossi3@radford.edu
Terri B. Shelor Clinical Supervision and Instructor 831-7196 123 Waldrona Hall tshelor@radford.edu
Dr. Lauren Flora
Assistant Professor 831-7639 121 Waldron Hall lsmith263@radford.edu
Ms. Teresa Whitt Administrative Assistant
831-7735 107 Waldron Hall twhitt@radford.edu
Occupational Therapy
Vesna Cotic Costello
Instructor 831-2692 124 Waldron Hall
Dr. Cynthia L. Creighton
Director of Clinical Education 831-7638 145 Waldron Hall ccreighton@radford.edu
Mary Susanna Gilmore Administrative Assistant 831-2693 192 Waldron Hall
Sheila R. Krajnik
Instructor 831-2691 127 Waldron Hall
Laura Miear Instructor 831-2693 192 Waldron Hall lmiear@radford.edu
Dr. Douglas M. Mitchell
Chair and Professor 831-7643 100 Waldron Hall dmmitchell@radford.edu
Dr. Sarah Smidl Assistant Professor 831-7643 128 Waldron Hall ssmidl@radford.edu
Physical Therapy
Dr. Adrian Aron Assistant Professor 224-6665 CRCH aaron@radford.edu
Dr. Julia Castleberry Assistant Professor 224-6661 CRCH joxenreid@radford.edu  
Nicole Fillman Administrative Assistant 224-6657 CRCH nfillman@radford.edu
Dr. Brent Harper Assistant Professor 224-6674 CRCH bharper2@radford.edu
Dr. Renee M. Huth
Director of Clinical Education 224-6673 CRCH
Dr. Kristen Jagger Associate Professor 224-6666 CRCH kjagger@radford.edu
Dr. Emmanuel John Associate Professor 224-6671 CRCH ejohn@radford.edu
Dr. Alex Siyufy Assistant Professor 224-6667 CRCH asiyufy@radford.edu
Dr. Edward C. Swanson Chair and Associate Professor
224-6675 CRCH
School of Nursing
Elizabeth Armstrong Instructor 831-7188 301 Waldron Hall evest@radford.edu
Roy Baugher Administrator, Clinical Simulation Center 767-6156 RHEC rbaugher@radford.edu
Dr. Vicki Bierman Instructor 831-7671 302 Waldron Hall vbierman@radford.edu
Dr. Ellen Birx Professor 831-7649 314 Waldron Hall ebirx@radford.edu
Kate Brennan
Instructor 831-7658 324 Waldron Hall kbrennan@radford.edu
Dr. Lynne Bryant Assistant Professor 831-7189 350 Waldron Hall rbryant3@radford.edu
Dr. Virginia Burggraf
Marcella Griggs Endowed Professor of Gerontological Nursing 831-7714 335 Waldron Hall vburggraf2@radford.edu
Christi L. Callahan Instructor 831-7708 329 Waldron Hall ccallahan7@radford.edu
Patricia Conklin Assistant Professor
831-7710 332 Waldron Hall pconklin@radford.edu
Dr. Sharla Cooper
Associate Professor
831-7179 319 Waldron Hall
Dr. Kathleen Cox Associate Director 831-7712 323 Waldron Hall kcox11@radford.edu
Erin G. Cruise
Instructor 831-7706 316 Waldron Hall ecruise@radford.edu
Cynthia G. Cunningham Director, Clinical Simulation Centers 831-6831 339 Waldron Hall
Leonita H. Cutright Instructor 831-7710 332 Waldron Hall lcutrigh@radford.edu
Linda T. Ely Instructor 831-7186 340 Waldron Hall ltely@radford.edu
Barbara C. Farris
Instructor 831-7190 337 Waldron Hall bcfarris@radford.edu
Vugar Gasimov Information Technology, Simulation Center 831-7176 RU West vgasimov@radford.edu
Sarah M. Gilbert
Instructor 831-7621 327 Waldron Hall sgilbert2@radford.edu
Lindsey Gleason Office Services Specialist 831-7702 310 Waldron Hall lgleason@radford.edu
Sarah Janney Student Services Coordinator 767-6182 RHEC shjanney@radford.edu
Dr. Katie R. Katz
Instructor 831-7653 330 Waldron Hall krkatz@radford.edu
Christina Keller Simulation Center 831-2491 RU West cdkeller@radford.edu
Dr. Laura E. LaRue Assistant Professor 831-7713 336 Waldron Hall
Dr. Eunyoung Lee Assistant Professor 831-7711 333 Waldron Hall elee7@radord.edu
LaToya Lee Administrative Assistant 831-7746 307 Waldron Hall llee6@radford.edu
Mary T. McGill Instructor 831-6326 338 Waldron Hall
Suellen Miller Instructor 831-7709 315 Waldron Hall smiller17@radford.edu
Pamela Moore Office Services Specialist 831-7702 317 Waldron Hall prmoore@radford.edu
Jackie L. Muir
Administrator, Fiscal Tech, Customer Service, Notary 831-7175 RU West Suite 3500 jlmuir@radford.edu
Dr. Kereen R Mullenbach Associate Professor
831-7705 326 Waldron Hall krmullenb@radford.edu
Margaret P. Mullins Co-coordinator, RU West Simulation Center 831-7177 RU West mpmullins@radford.edu
Sharon S. O'Donnell Instructor 831-7188 301 Waldron Hall ssodonnel@radford.edu
Dr. Lisa L. Onega Professor 831-7647 334 Waldron Hall lonega@radford.edu
Virginia Ann Ousley
Instructor 831-7185 231 Waldron Hall vousley@radford.edu
Dr. Melanie Parks Assistant Professor 831-7210 230 Waldron Hall mparks@radford.edu
Johnathan B. Phillips
Instructor; RN-to-BSN Coordinator 831-7656 311 Waldron Hall
Dr. Anthony R. Ramsey Director and Assistant Professor
831-7703 308 Waldron Hall arramsey@radford.edu
Dr. Rebecca K. Scheckler Educational Technologist 831-7656 309 Waldron Hall rscheckler@radford.edu
Mary H. Sowder Co-coordinator, RHEC Simulation Center 767-6154 RHEC mcsowder@radford.edu
Cindi Thomas Instructor 831-7646 312 Waldron Hall cthomas14@radford.edu
Dr. Virginia K. Weisz Assistant Professor
831-7659 325 Waldron Hall vweisz@radford.edu
School of Social Work
Beth Deskins Field Coordinator
831-7687 203 Waldron Hall
Dr. Rana Duncan-Daston MSW Coordinator and Associate Professor
831-7686 212 Waldron Hall
Dr. Deneen L. Evans MSW Site Coordinator for RHEC
831-7684 209 Waldron Hall
Dr. Diane M. Hodge Interim Director and Professor 831-7675 222 Waldron Hall dmhodge@radford.edu
Dr. Alice King Ingham BSW Coordinator and Associate Professor
831-7673 224 Waldron Hall akinging@radford.edu
Jenene Lewis Office Manager
831-7690 207 Waldron Hall hjlewis@radford.edu
Kathleen H. Miller Western Crafft Coordinator 831-7697 254 Waldron Hall khmiller@radford.edu
Dr. Philip Mongan Assistant Professor 831-7689 208 Waldron Hall pmongan@radford.edu
James E. Quillen Fiscal Technician 831-7688 206 Waldron Hall
Mashooq Salehin Assistant Professor 831-7682 220 Waldron Hall msalehin@radford.edu
Dr. Debora Schneller Associate Professor 831-7694 223 Waldron Hall
Dr. Susan L. Schoppelrey Associate Director and Associate Professor 831-7692 221 Waldron Hall sschoppel@radford.edu
Susan Taylor Piedmont Area CRAFFT Coordinator 831-7683 255 Waldron Hall staylor22@radford.edu
Theresa Trent BSW Coordinator, RHEC 540-857-6467 RHEC ttrent5@radford.edu
Dr. Kerry Vandergrift Instructor 831-7676 210 Waldron Hall kvandergrift@radford.edu
Dr. Etty Vandsburger Associate Professor 831-7674 202 Waldron Hall evandsbur@radford.edu
Speech Physiology Laboratory
Dr. Raymond N. Linville
Professor 831-7735 112 Waldron Hall rlinvill@radford.edu