BS Degree Requirements

Pre-COSD Requirements

Prior to being admitted to the COSD major, students will be considered pre-COSD majors. To be admitted into the COSD junior-level, students must:

  1. Attain Junior status (minimum of 56 hours earned).
  2. Earn a minimum 2.80 cumulative grade point average in all coursework.
  3. Complete an application to the COSD major in the Advising Center in 351 Waldron Hall.

COSD Requirements

To graduate with a COSD major, students must maintain the following minimum academic standards:

  1. Maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5 during junior and senior years.
  2. Repeat any COSD course for which a grade lower than "C" is assigned.
  3. Students who earn lower than a "C" in any COSD course after exhausting the university repeat option will be withdrawn from the program.

Recommended Courses for COSD BS Option

The B.S. degree courses are taken in addition to Core Curriculum requirements, major and related area courses. (Prerequisites for courses are listed in parentheses.)

Any Math 125 or higher


GEOG 322 Cultural Geography

HLTH 451 Drug Use & Abuse Education

HLTH 460 International Health

PSYC 250 Psychology of Diversity (PSYC 121)

PSYC 343 Social Psychology (PSYC 121)

PSYC 347 Environmental Psychology (PSYC 121)

PSYC 377 Introduction to Sensation and Perception (PSYC 121)

PSYC 378 Brain and Behavior (PSYC 121)

PSYC 381 Psychology of Work Behavior (PSYC 121)

PSYC 391 Psychology of Women (PSYC 121)

PSYC 405 Forensic Psychology (PSYC 121)

PSYC 420 Research in Cognitive Psychology (PSYC 202 & 320)

PSYC 429 Maturity and Aging (PSYC 121)

PSYC 439 Abnormal Psychology (PSYC 121)

PSYC 440 Abnormal Child Psychology (PSYC 121)

PSYC 445 Psychological Test and Measurements (PSYC 201 & junior or senior or graduate standing)

PSYC 480 Human Neuropsychology (PSYC 121 and senior standing or permission of instructor)

SOCY 250 Social Inequality (SOCY 110)

SOCY 320 Sociology of Aging (SOCY 110)

SOCY 331 Race and Ethnic Relations (SOCY 110)

SOCY 334 Population Trends & Analysis (SOCY 110)

SOCY 339 Urban Sociology (SOCY 110)

SOCY 341 Sociology of Health & Medicine (SOCY 110)

SOCY 411 Appalachian Cultures (APST 200, SOCY 110, 121or permission of instructor)

SOCY 422 Sociology of Death and Dying (SOCY 110)

SOCY 435 Native American Cultures (SOCY 110, 121 or permission of instructor)

SOCY 443 Deviance (SOCY 110)

SOCY 457 Law and Social Injustice (SOCY 110 & junior or senior standing or 6 hours of sociology)

SOCY 482 Practicing Ethnographic Methods (SOCY 110, 121 or permission of instructor)