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About the Website Redesign Project

In 2011, Radford University began a three-plus-year project to redesign its website and to migrate official university websites into a Content Management System (CMS). In May 2013, the migration project wrapped up with the successful migration of all administrative and academic department sites into the CMS -- approximately nine months ahead of schedule.

Web Strategy and Interactive Media is now working with departments to enhance their Web presence and to develop new sites as needed. A complete redesign of the Radford.edu website is expected to launch in 2014.

Project Milestones


January 2011 - Launched the Core Radford.edu website, which included Admissions, Alumni Relations, News and Events, Student Life and Academics.

January 2011 - Began training users on using the content management system.

February 2011 - Launched the College of Humanities and Behavioral Studies and the Advancement Division

March 2011 - Launched the College of Business and Economics

May 2011 - Launched Student Affairs, including Residence Life, Student Activities, Dean of Students, Student Health Services, Student Counseling Servies, SAVES, Trio/Project Success, the Disability Resources Center and the Center for Diversity and Inclusion.

June 2011 - Launched the Waldron College of Health and Human Services

July 2011 - Began training users on Search Engine Optimization

July 2011 - Launched the College of Graduate and Professional Studies

August 2011 - Launched the College of Visual and Performing Arts, the College of Science and Technology, and the Division for Information Technology

September 2011 - Launched the Division of Academic Affairs

October 2011 - Launched the College of Education and Human Development


January 2012 - Began training users on content strategy and using analytics

January 2012 - Launched RU Mobile, a mobile application for Android and iOS devices

February 2012 - Launched the Division of Finance and Administration

June 2012 - Launched the new Undergraduate Admissions website, which was previously housed off campus

November 2012 - Launched the Student Government Association website


January 2013 - Launched the first phase a fully mobile-optimized website

January 2013 - All official university websites eligible to use the CMS have either migrated or begun migration

February 2013 - Launched the final phase of a full mobile-optimized website

May 2013 - Completed migration of all official university academic and administrative department websites