Charter ($1,000 - $2,499)

* deceased
+ matching gift


Anonymous (2)
Dr. Michael G. Aamodt and Ms. Bobbie Leigh Raynes '93
The Honorable and Mrs. Steve Agee
Drs. David and Pegeen Albig
Mr. William L. Allman, Jr. and Mrs. Jennie Teass Allman '67
Mr. James Alva Ashurst '95
Mr. Jefferson D. Armistead '95 and Mrs. Anne Hudson Armistead


Mrs. Trina Sharp Bachman '78
Mr. Richard Albert Baynton, MBA '98 and Mrs. Elaine H. Baynton
Mr. Reginald C. Berry and Mrs. Karen Garner Berry '72
Dr. and Mrs. William D. Bishop
Mr. Daniel Joseph Blake '05
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Bondurant
Mr. Hix Bondurant and Mrs. Lil Bondurant*
Mr. A. P. Boxley and Mrs. Dale Snead Boxley '69
Dr. Charles C. Boyd, Jr. and Dr. Donna C. Boyd
Mr. Randall Butt and Mrs. Deborah Shutters Butt '90


Mrs. Mary Waugh Campbell '71
Mr. Larry Joseph Carpenter
Dr. Joseph D. Chase and Dr. Melissa W. Chase '87
Mr. Paul Christopher Chrisman '77
Ms. D. Diane Christian '66
Mr. J. Frank Clark and Mrs. Palma Moyer Clark '73, M.S. '77
Miss Louise Clendenen '60
Dr. Holly L. Cline
Mr. Philip E. Cline
Mr. Ricky Earl Cormany '81
Mrs. Laura Bireley Cornwell '73
John and Ann Marie Cox
Mr. Ronal D. Cox
Mr. Matthew Crisp '04 and Mrs. Kelly Snead Crisp '04


Mr. John Y. Dean
Ms. Helen Baddour Deneka
Ms. Margaret T. Devaney
Mr. Don Dobbins, M.S. '66 and Mrs. Janell Nester Dobbins '55
Mr. John W. Donehower and Mrs. Liz Cayton Donehower '69
Dr. Betty Dore and Mr. Richard E. Dore
Mr. Ralph B. Doud and Mrs. Virginia Cook Doud '75, M.S. '80
Mr. Michael Louis Duffer and Mrs. Kathie Applegate Duffer '85


Dr. and Mrs. Phillip A. Edelman
Dr. Bill Epstein and Mrs. Vickie Epstein '09


Dr. Joseph Falkinham III and Mrs. Georgia Anne Snyder-Falkinham
Mr. and Mrs. Michael James Faloney
Mr. and Mrs. John Christian Fannon
Mr. Mark Anthony Fowler '84 and Mrs. Beverly Fowler


Dr. Dennis O. Grady and Ms. Martha Stephenson
The Honorable Patrick Graybeal and Mrs. Jill Lobach Graybeal '68


Mr. Jamal Afif Haddad '80
Mrs. Katherine Wall Hale '76
     Martin's Pharmacy, Inc.
Mr. Mark F. Hanna '84
Mr. W. Barry Harmon and Mrs. Linda L. Harmon
Mr. Carlton Harwood and Mrs. Melissa Katherine Harwood '91
     State Farm Companies Foundation +
Mr. Daniel J. Hawkins '93
Dr. Katherine W. Hawkins
Dr. and Mrs. Rollin James Hawley
Dr. Vincent Hazleton
Dr. and Mrs. C. William Hickam, Jr.
Mr. Joseph A. Hopkins and Mrs. Linda Wells Hopkins '71
     Norfolk Southern Corporation Foundation +
Dr. and Mrs. R. Graham Hoskins
Mr. Robert H. Hovis III and Mrs. Mary Ann Hovis '65
Mrs. Christine Poe Howard '95


Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Jordan
Mr. Todd N. Joyce '99 and Ms. Dana D. Joyce '91
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Juanarena


Mr. and Mrs. Danny M. Kemp
Ms. Jo Ann Kiernan


Dr. and Mrs. Rogers F. Lambert
Mr. Lawrence Laramay and Mrs. Karen Lackey Laramay '78
     GEICO Philanthropic Foundation +
Ms. Dale Moore Lee '85
Mr. and Mrs. Carl H. Lefko
Mrs. Eleaner Otto Leftwich '58
Dr. Ned Lester and Dr. Rosalyn M. Lester
Mr. James R. Lewis and Mrs. Mary Bell Lewis '71
     Norfolk Southern Corporation Foundation +
Mr. Norman G. Lineburg and Mrs. Joann Young Lineburg '60, M.S. '72
Mr. Robert G. Lineburg


Ms Lindsay Marti
Mr. Claude Novel Martin, III '87 and Mrs. Jackie Lee Martin '89
Mrs. Dottie Hornsby Martin '54*
Ms. Martha Clark Martin '42
Ms. Michele Lynn Messner '88
Ms. Lorena Roberts McGarvey '62
Mr. Thomas D. McGlothlin
Ms. Catherine Harvey McLean
Dr. Sam H. Minner
Dr. David J. Moore and Mrs. Priscilla M. Moore, M.S. '68
Mrs. Pam Propst Moore '85
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Scott Muir
Mr. Stephen Alan Musselwhite and Mrs. Billie Cundiff Musselwhite '72


Mr. Paul Wayne Nester '95 and Ms. Amy M. Nester '93
Mr. Robert L. Nicholson III
Mr. Matthew John Novak '88
     Exxon Education +
Mr. Nicolas Alexander Nowinski '00


Mr. Ed Oakes '92 and Mrs. Melissa Oakes '92
Mr. Robert B. Oliver and Mrs. Jo Anne Hylton Oliver '56


Mr. Brian Taylor Pardue '94 and Mrs. Melissa Pardue
Mr. James A. Pennix, M.S. '01
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Perrin, Jr.
     Verizon Foundation +
Mr. Anoput Phimmasone '87 and Mrs. Stephanie A. Phimmasone
     Capital One Services Inc. Foundation +
Mrs. Beverly Vaden Porter '62


Mr. Shawn Andrew Ricci '06 and Ms. Karen H. Waldron
Mr. Harry Richardson, Jr. '75
Mr. David C. Ridpath and Mrs. Lisa H. Ridpath '91, MBA '99
Mr. Steve Arnette Robinson '81 and Mrs. Lisa L. Robinson
Dr. and Mrs. J. Orion Rogers
Mr. David W. Roop
     Dominion Foundation +
Dr. Dana G. Rose
Ms. Margaret C. Rowell
Mr. Leslie Clary Rucker, Jr. and Mrs. Gail Parker Rucker '67
     Verizon Foundation +


Ms. Andjelka Saban
Dr. Joseph P. Scartelli and Mrs. Fran Di Maggio Scartelli '84
Dr. and Mrs. Mark G. Shanley
Mr. Bradford Townsend Shelton '85 and Ms. Sarah Willoughby Dunlap-Shelton '86
Mr. Kevin Sherfey '96
Mr. Francis Butler Simkins III '92
Mrs. Glena Dunn Sisson '69
Mr. Craig Anthony Smith '98 and Mrs. Mary Smith
Mr. H. Vincent Snidow and Mrs. Nancy Joyner Snidow '67
Ms. Mary Paulette Spruill '69
Mrs. Liz Lawler Sumner '58


Mr. Frank Taylor and Mrs. Ellen S. Taylor '92
Mr. Kenneth Haven Tickle, Jr. '80
Mr. Thomas Nicholas Troisi and Mrs. Jacqueline Bahre Troisi '78
     Sanofi-aventis +
Mrs. Barbara D. Turk and The Honorable James. C Turk*
Mr. Jimmy Turk and Mrs. Allison Blanding Turk '93


Ms. Katherine F. Walker
Mr. Mark E. Woolwine, C.P.A. '93
Mr. Jon Wyatt and Mrs. Mary Trigg Wyatt '63