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In Memory

Radford University would like to honor our fellow classmates and friends who have recently passed away. We remember:

Janet Angeline Jamison Sanders '42 of Bristol, Va., 4/25/14
Virginia Flinchum Webber '47 of Roanoke, 4/1/14
Hyler Newman Tramel '49 of Blackstone, Va., 12/22/13
Ruth Ann Slusher '53 of Willis, Va., 6/12/14
Oma June Amburgey DeHart '54 of McCoy, Va., 4/26/14
Mabel Jean Branham Akers '58 of Williamsburg, 5/28/14
Elizabeth DeLancey Cole '59 of New Castle, Del., 2/4/14
Mary Clara Maier ’64, MS ’67 of Roanoke, 6/5/14
Martha Rae Mitchell '73 of Wilmington, Del., 5/23/14
Jerry Bachara '74 of Barren Springs, Va., 5/21/14
Douglas Kelly Eads  '82 of Draper, 5/3/14
Kevin Dale Adams '85 of Norfolk, 4/13/14
Teresa Crawley O’Neill '86 of Richmond, 5/9/14
Vanessa Marie Thitoff '95 of Dumfries, 5/4/14
Stephen Charles Harriman '99 of Radford, 6/1/14
Elizabeth Jane Clagett '06 of Henrico, 5/6/14
Leigh Evans Barnes '06 of Richmond, 5/30/14

Non-Degreed Alumni
Laura A. Krewatch Likshis of Bridgton, Maine, 4/19/14
Aaron Robert Kovac of Martinsville, 5/31/14

Faculty, Staff and Friends
Bennie Eldred Beeson, Jr., of Radford, Va., retired department chair of the RU Econmics Department, 6/27/14
Harvey Daniel (Danny) Shelburne, Jr. ’78, of Radford, Va., employee of RU Facilities Department, 5/20/14
Wendy Sams Tepper of Forest, Va., former member of RU Board of Visitors, 11/7/13
Honorable James C. Turk, Sr. of Radford, Va., former member of the RU Foundation Board of Directors, 7/6/14

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