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Visitor Permits

Official visitors and guests of the university must obtain a valid visitor's parking permit prior to parking in any university lot. All employees, departments and students are responsible for their guests and any parking fines they may acquire.

Visitor permit are available from the University Police Department. Each visitor parking permits assigns the lot a guest may park in during their visit to campus.

Employees and students are never considered visitors to the university at any time.

University Department Visitors

University departments should request visitor permits at least three days prior to the event by completing the departmental request for visitor permit form.

Guests of Students

Students requesting visitor parking permits must apply in person at the University Police Department in the Allen Building and bring:

  • The license tag number of their guest
  • Make of the guest's vehicle
  • Color of the guest's vehicle
  • A valid student ID

Guests staying longer than two nights will be assigned to Lot E. Frequent guests of students may be required to purchase a parking permit. For questions regarding visitor parking, call (540) 831-7000.

Important Notes:

  • Frequent visitors (being more than three times a month) will be required to purchase a parking permit. The pass will only be valid in residential student lots including Lot Z.
  • Guests staying longer than two nights will be assigned to Lot Z.
  • Only one visitors pass per week will be issued to the same car. A visitor can purchase as many weekly permits as they need.