Building Codes

AA | Art Annex

BH | Bolling Hall

BU | Buchanan House

CH | Calhoun Hall

CS | Center for the Sciences

CC | Covington Center

CK | Cook Hall

CU | Curie Hall

DA | Davis Hall

DC | Dedmon Center

DH | Dalton Hall

DR | Draper Hall

EC | Roanoke Higher Education Center (RHEC)

FL | Floyd Hall

HE | Heth Hall

HU | Hurlburt Student Center

IN | Ingles Hall

JF | Jefferson Hall

KH | Kyle Hall

MA | Madison Hall

MF | Moffett Hall

MG | McGuffey Hall

MH | Martin Hall

ML | McConnell Library

NP | Norwood Plaza

PC | Pocahontas Hall

PF | Porterfield Hall

PH | Peters Hall

PT | Porterfield Theatre

PY | Peery Hall

RH | Reed Hall

RU | Russell Hall

SR | Student Recreation & Wellness Center

TR | Trinkle Hall

TY | Tyler Hall

WA | Washington Hall

WC | Waldron College Hall

WH | Whitt Hall

WR | Walker Hall

YG | Young Hall

For locations of campus buildings, view the campus map.

Campus Codes

CJ | Carilion Clinic-Jefferson College of Health Sciences

DL | Distance Learning

IA | Institute for Advanced Learning, Danville

MC | Radford Main Campus

NC | New College Institute, Martinsville

RO | Roanoke Higher Education Center (EC Building Code)

SG | Southwest Virginia Governor's School for Science, Mathematics, and Technology

SS | Southern Virginia Higher Education Center, South Boston

SW | Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center, Abingdon