Convocation for Incoming Students


Convocation for the class of 2018 will be on Aug. 24. Renowned speaker, educator, author, activist and minister, Eric Thomas will speak at this year's event. Learn more about Eric.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a parking pass, and how do I get one?

In order to park your car safely around campus or in any of the school-owned parking lots, a pass is required. These can be acquired by visiting Parking Services, located in Heth Hall. Registering for a pass is simple and quick, and can be done online.

Where can I find information about jobs on campus?

There are a lot of opportunities to work on campus as a work-study. Contact Financial Aid and they will help you get set up! Other employment opportunities you can take advantage of without having to leave campus include Dining Services and the RU Bookstore.

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