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Design Thinking

The Certificate in Design Thinking offers students in-depth experiences in using the design process to solve complex problems. Students participate in interdisciplinary teams using creative and multifaceted design methodologies that address international issues.

The online Design Thinking Certificate requires students to complete 15-credit hours of graduate level coursework that empowers them to strategize, plan, and solve complex problems across a multitude of venues. The curriculum is structured to facilitate mastery in Design Thinking methods, management, teaming, and environment and behavior.

Students can enroll in the one-year program that consists of 15 credits. Students must take DSN 600 Design Thinking Studio.

Students may select 4 classes from the following:

  • DSN 611 - Special Topics in Design Thinking (3 credits) (may be repeated on a different topic for 3 additional credits)
  • DSN 615 - Readings Credits (3 credits)
  • DSN 619 - Design Thinking for Educators (3 credits)
  • DSN 645 - Collaboration Studio (3 credits)
  • DSN 670 - Environment Behavior Studio (3 credits)
  • DSN 740 - Design Management Studio (3 credits)

The certificate is structured so that existing courses from the M.F.A. in Ars-Fine Arts with a Design Thinking concentration satisfy the requirements for the certificate. This means you can easily transfer from the Certificate to the M.F.A. if you want to continue your studies.

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