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Foreign Languages

Foreign language study teaches you core skills rooted in the humanities that are transferable to myriad careers: critical thinking and careful close analysis of texts, research based on persuasive written & oral communication, and a cross-cultural and cross-historical understanding. Students who study a foreign language go on to top-notch employment and terrific travel opportunities around the world.

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Degrees Offered

Bachelor of Arts

Foreign Language majors fulfill all language requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree. Foreign Language majors in the Bachelor of Arts program must also complete either a minor or a second major.

  • Arabic 
  • Chinese 
  • French 
  • German 
  • Chinese 
  • Latin 
  • Russian 
  • Spanish 

Bachelor of Science

For the Bachelor of Science degree, eight hours in education toward the endorsement in secondary education are required. Students seeking Licensure through the Teacher Education Program (TEP) must choose the Spanish concentration.

  • Teaching Licensure (B.S.)

Why Study Foreign Languages at Radford?

  • We have a language lab to help you practice your new linguistic skills.
  • Internship or study abroad is required for most foreign language majors.
  • Radford offers a summer study program abroad in China, France, Mexico, and Spain— and a semester or year’s study in China, Germany, Spain, Mexico, and France.

Careers and Internships

Studying a foreign language provides you with international skills that enhance your opportunities to work in business or health care, government or law, library science, arts, education, diplomacy or the military, and in publishing, communication, or tourism.

Students in foreign languages may participate in the experiential learning program internship, where they can practice in fields such as law, public health, social services, business, communication, and human resources.

Employment opportunities increase for those who are fluent in more than one language.

Opportunities for Foreign Languages students at Radford

The Department of Foreign Language and Literatures offers several study-abroad opportunities for Radford University students. For more information about study abroad, visit the Center of Global Education and Engagement.

Admissions Requirements

A placement test is required to study any foreign language at Radford.

Before registering for your first Foreign Language class, please stop by the Foreign Language Department for information on the placement test. For the placement testing link and password, please email Ms. Trena Fields, Administrative Assistant.

After you have completed your first Foreign Language class at Radford University, you can enroll yourself in a sequel class during your permitted registration time. If you experience problems with registration, please contact the FORL Department by phone (831-5120) or email Ms. Fields. You may also stop by the office in Hemphill Hall, Room 4304

  • 1,700 bilingual remote job listings

    (according to job search site FlexJobs)

  • 2 or more languages spoken

    means an increase in job opportunities

  • Small class sizes allow you to bond with fellow students

    and practice language more with your professors

Students interested in using Spanish in their professions are encouraged to participate in a three-week summer experiential learning program internship in Mérida, México. The program offers practice in the field of various professions such as law, public health, social services, business, communication, human resources, and ethical issues in the workplace. This experiential learning program also fulfills the immersion program requirement for the major.

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“As a Spanish major, Dr. Hernandez recognized that I would need extra practice in order for my Spanish skills to be at their best, and was available to guide me and, I would say, even humor me in my relentless thirst for knowledge in the subject.”

Adam Phipps

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