Dr. Laurie Cubbison

Having received her PhD. in rhetoric and composition from Purdue University, her M.A. in Creative Writing and British Literature from Eastern Kentucky University, and her B.A. in Speech Communications and English from Muskingum College, Dr. Cubbison is the coordinator of the Graduate Teaching Fellow Mentoring Program. As a writing teacher, she sees her primary goal as encouraging students to see writing as a vital activity in and out of the classroom. This goal arises out of her interest in online communication, particularly the discourses of online support groups and fan groups. Her dissertation, Validating Illness: Internet Activism in Response to Institutional Discourse, examines the development of rhetorical skills and activist efforts on the part of people with chronic fatigue syndrome and/or fibromyalgia syndrome.  Her interest in the study of global popular culture and fan communities is yet another way she attempts connect students to their world. 

Contact: lcubbiso@radford.edu