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Communication Minors

The School of Communication at Radford University offers students an opportunity to receive a minor in one of four concentration areas within the vast and ever-growing field of communication.

Communication minor

The minor in Communication consists of 18 semester hours in COMS courses, including COMS 114 and 15 additional hours of COMS courses.

Public Relations minor

Public relations specialists and managers prepare messages and develop communication strategies for communication with organizational stakeholders. The minor in Public Relations consists of 15 hours of required coursework and one 3 hour elective course in the School of Communication. Prerequisites or permission of instructor may be required for some courses. Declared minors may obtain permission through their School of Communication advisor.

Required Courses

  • COMS 225. Introduction to Public Relations. 3
  • COMS 330. Communication Theory. 3
  • COMS 314. Organizational Communication. 3
  • COMS 408. Public Relations Management. 3
  • COMS 430. Crisis Communication. 3

Students must complete one 3 credit hour elective course chosen from COMS 173, COMS 250, COMS 240 or COMS 333.

Media Studies minor

The minor in Media Studies consists of 18 semester hours and includes the following nine semester hours of core courses:

  • COMS 130. Introduction to Communication. 3
  • COMS 335. Media and Society. 3
  • COMS 400. Media Law and Ethics. 3

The remaining nine semester hours maybe chosen from any other COMS courses offered.

Cinematic Arts Interdisciplinary minor

Offered by the department of Theatre and Cinema and the School of Communication, the interdisciplinary minor in Cinematic Arts consists of 18 semester hours including the following:

Required Cinematic Arts Core 12

  • THEA 180. Introduction to World Cinema. 3
  • THEA 280. Foundations of Cinema Aesthetics. 3
  • COMS 335. Media and Society. 3
  • THEA 480. Film Theory and Criticism. 3

Electives (Choose two)* 6

  • FREN 320. Topics in French Cinema. 3
  • COMS 247. Script Writing. 3
  • THEA 370. Playwriting. 3
  • THEA 380. Documentary/Non-Fiction Film. 3
  • COMS 434. Media Literacy. 3
  • COMS 451. Intercultural/International Communication. 3
  • COMS 452. International Film and Electronic Media. 3
  • SOCY 471. Society and Film. 3
  • THEA 481. Screenwriting. 3

Additional special topics course(s) may be chosen in consultation with the director(s) of the Cinematic Arts program. *All students minoring in Cinematic Arts must select six additional credit hours of course work from the above list of electives. The course selections must be approved by the director(s) of the Cinematic Arts minor prior to registration. Some courses may have prerequisites or require permission of the instructor before registration. Students declaring Cinematic Arts as a minor will be exempt from any prerequisites for Theatre and Media Studies courses.

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